Our Engagements

Mission and Evangelism

Part of our engagement as a Church is to reach out to the unreached places in Nigeria. LCCN today has mission stations in Abuja, Kotagora, Niger State, Taraba/Dakka and Koma areas in Adamawa State. The Missions Department of the Church is responsible for Missions relations.

Health Care

LCCN HealthCare Services has been from the inception of the Church, Mission and HealthCare was what Dr Niels Bronnum brought in 1913. The Church today has Referral Hospital in Demsa and other Health outposts in the various Dioceses.


As part of our engagement in Theological Education and Formation LCCN runs a Seminary called Bronnum Lutheran Seminary. It is a Degree awarding institution. There is a Bible College owned by LCCN in Dashen, A Junior Seminary and 8 Bible Schools in various Dioceses. LCCN through congregations and Districts own Secondary, Primary and Nursary Schools.

Youth & Women Ministry

The Church is focused on the development of Youth and Women Ministry. These groups have been very active in the life of the Church. The Youth and Women Ministry is headed each by a Clergy who helps in directing the affairs of these groups.

Children Ministry

The Children is one of the largest ministry or group in the LCCN. The Children Ministry is vested with the responsibility of designing Sunday School Manual and providing teaching materials to get the children grounded in the Lutheran Teachings.

Theological Education & Formation

LCCN is focused on making disciples and teaching all her members to get good knowledge in scripture. The Seminary is another place for the work of Theological education for LCCN and through the Theological Education by Extension TEE the church is training members in the understanding of Doctrine and beliefs of the Lutheran faith.