Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria

Archbishop Musa Panti Filibus PhD elected LWF President

GROWTH AND EXPANSION The work of evangelism has always been the highest priority of the LCCN, and over the years 29 mission stations and church bases have been established as follows:

1. Shelleng (Shellem) – 1918
2. Lamurde – 1921
3. Pella – 1922
4. Guyuk – 1924
5. Gangdole (Ganye) – 1929
6. Dilli – 1929
7. Dungma – 1930
8. Jimeta – 1937
9. Dogon Dutse – 1938
10. Njoboliyo – 1939
11. Gurumpawo – 1939
12. Ga’anda – 1941
13. Kwah – 1944
14. Tunga Ladan – 1945
15. Gengle – 1947
  16. Pakka – 1948
17. Yola – 1953
18. Cholli Vere – 1954
19. Suwa – 1957
20. Koma Vomni – 1961
21. Tantille – 1966
22. Gurnati – 1967
23. Bauchi – 1967
24. Kiri – 1973
25. Abuja – 1985
26. Minna – 1988
27. Lagos – 1989
28. Katsina – 2003
29. Benin – 2007

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LCCN is evangelising some rural communities in Nigeria. The Church is reaching out to the unreched with the gospel of Jesus Christ and also promotion education and Health Care. The Mission Feilds in Dakka, Pai, Kontagora, and some communities in Bauchi are supported by the Mission Afrika.

LCCN also is in Partnership with the ELCA Menneapolis Area Synod in the USA


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Starting from a humble beginning in Mayo-Belwa, Most Rev Musa Panti Filibus was trained as a Grade II teacher; a training which qualifies one to be a registered professional teacher in Nigeria. After the training he served as a teacher in schools in Mayo-Belwa Local Government Area. Archbishop Filibus later went to the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN) and graduated with a Bachelors of Divinity Degree (BDD) in 1992. He was employed by the church to teach at the Bronnum Lutheran Seminary Mbamba Yola, Adamawa State starting in 1993. The Archbishop received Ordination in 1994 soon after he proceeded to further his studies at the Luther Seminary Minnesota in the United States which led him to obtaining a PhD in Pastoral Theology and Counseling.

After his studies in the United States he returned to Nigeria and to Bronnum Lutheran Seminary to continue as a teacher. He was made the Provost of same Seminary a position he held until he joined the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) 2002. He was employed as the Area Secretary for Africa, a position which he held until 2010 when he became the Director of the Department of Mission and Development (DMD) in the LWF.

Archbishop Musa Panti Filibus was elected by the church in Nigeria to assume a leadership responsibility as a Bishop of Mayo Belwa Diocese. He was consecrated and Installed in 2013 October. Soon after that he was elected the Vice chairman of the General Church Council, the second highest leadership position in the LCCN.

In November 2016 during an election at the General Church Council Archbishop Musa Panti Filibus was elected to be the Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Christ in Nigeria. In February 2017 the Africa region of the Lutheran World Federation unanimously nominated Archbishop Filibus to be the President of the Lutheran World Federation.

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Sub Groups

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The LCCN has about 6 subgroups in the church. they

include Choir, Lutheran Youth Fellowship, Women Fellowship, Lutheran Gospel Singers, Sunday School, Mashedin ALmashihu and the Boys Brigade/Girls Brigade. The Lutheran Subgroups Organization is the overseeing body.